Free Online Bibles:
    Online Bible
    This site is helpful if you haven't a bible to hand. They do an 'app' for your smart phones too!

    Audio Bible
    The Word of God, spoken online. It allows you to choose specific scriptures, or a whole book, to be dramatically read out loud by the website.

    Bible Gateway
    Great for comparing scriptures in different versions at the same time. Also, you can input a scripture reference, or a key word/phrase you remember and it finds a relevant selection of scripture.
    Free Bible Study for PC and Mac Computers:
    Superb and free Bible study software to download. Easy to use and comprehensive, with maps, commentaries, Bible versions in many languages. Download the main program onto your computer, then pick and choose the various books, studies etc at your leisure. This is actually better than most you have to purchase. Windows/PC based computers only though.

    Eloquent (formally Mac-Sword)
    If you can get past the clunky method of downloading the resource, this is the excellent free equivalent of E-sword (as above) for AppleMac users. More free bible versions, dictionaries, commentaries etc are available for copy into the Eloquent folder (like we say, a bit clunky) from Crosswire
    The Bible vs Evolution/Atheism:
    Answers in Genesis
    Their "New Answers Book"s 1-3, for example, are excellent reading for answering evolutionists.

    Creation Science Movement
    As above. Founded in 1932, this group are all biblical experts in their scientific field.
    Women in Ministry:
    Women's Apostolic Alliance
    An international network of female Christian ministers, united in a common purpose to labour together in faith for the Kingdom of God to be established in correct order throughout the body of Christ, globally.
    Roman Catholicism:
    Berean Beacon
    Ex-Catholic Priest, Richard Bennett, discusses Roman Catholic teaching, tradition and policy, in the light of a Christian's final authority, namely Scripture.
    Ibrahim Ministries International
    Very informed, respectful and lovingly courageous ministry.
    Bringing Jesus Christ to muslims throughout the world. Excellent DVD set and books available.
    Jehovah's Witness & Mormonism:
    Witness for Jesus
    A ministry dealing with the unchristian/unbiblical theology of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.
    Their "Answering Questions" DVD's are the most thorough and comprehensive out there, for how best to witness to those caught in these groups. They have many helpful worksheets to download for free.
    New Age:
    Christian Answers for the 'New Age' (C.A.N.A.)
    Excellent Christian ministry addressing New Age and Occult issues today.
    Check out the "Articles" section, there's some really helpful stuff here.
    World News from a Biblical perspective:

    Religion News Blog
    Christian site reporting on all things "spiritual" from around the world - a great source for intercessors!!!

    Release International
    Speaking up, praying and lobbying for persecuted Christians, around the world.
    Current Revivals and Moves of God:
    Partnership Ministries
    Worldwide research and reporting of what The Lord is doing and saying on the earth.
    A very informed team! You may recall Dr. Alistair Petrie from his work on the series of "Transformation" films.
    Forerunners Related:
    Forerunners International
    Home page of the main Forerunners church, based on the Gold Coast of Australia.

    Forerunners Ministries UK
    Home page for our Forerunners church in the United Kingdom.

    Women's Apostolic Alliance
    An international network of female Christian ministers, united in a common purpose to labour together in faith for the Kingdom of God to be established in correct order throughout the body of Christ, globally.
    Tracts and Bibles in other Languages:
    No Frontiers
    Do you need to buy bibles, tracts etc in a different language or send them to a church in another nation, in their own tongue?

    Jack Chick Ministries
    Hard hitting and to the point, multi-language witness tracts in comic book form.
    Search-hub for "Christian" websites:
    An internet hub for over 8000 Christian Websites "you've never heard of". Helpful starting point for Christian surfing of the internet. Please note however, in our view there is a very "Mixed" range of sites - some very helpful and some not so much. Therefore, please exercise your God-given discernment. It's on this list because it's, at least, an interesting place to explore.
    Christian equivalent of Youtube. This site contains thousands of videos, safe for Christian viewing. e.g. Sermons, Ministry, Teaching, Music and more.
    Team Impact Christian University
    Accredited University provides an opportunity to acquire a correspondence qualification, from Degree to Doctorate.

    Global Apostolic Network
    Forerunners International Network are affiliates of this network.